About FETS 

FETS was established in 1998 by firefighters Dave McPake and Trevor Moss to provide emergency response and safety management training to Wellington businesses.  Our training is responsive, flexible and committed to delivering quality workplace safety, safety management, compliance, emergency preparedness and emergency response training for New Zealand businesses.

We now join Vertical Horizonz New Zealand (VHNZ), specialists in practical, health and safety training to continue to deliver our customisable and quality training across New Zealand.

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Specialist Courses

In today’s competitive job market, offering more than the basics can be a real point of difference for companies trying to attract and retain the top employees.  FETS can also provide Specialist Courses, such as Team Building with a Difference, Backcare/Suncare and Basic Rescue and Emergency Preparedness for natural disasters such as earthquakes and severe storms.

Training for the future

FETS also works in partnership with the UFBA (United Fire Brigades Association) and Ministry of Youth Development to deliver safety awareness, risk management and emergency response training to teenagers. This school holiday programme (with a difference!) aims to contribute towards injury prevention and reduction in preventable accidents involving young people by providing them with the skills and knowledge they need to make safe decisions – and be better equipped to respond if accidents do happen.

Find out more about Youth Training Programme.

Ask us about a Compliance Audit

If you’re not sure exactly what the training requirements are for your organisation, contact us today to arrange a free compliance consultation.  We can review the current levels of ability within your workforce, identify knowledge and skills gaps and provide you with a training plan. In most cases we’ll be able to provide the training courses and even develop custom programmes for you, but if we do identify an area outside of our expertise, we’ll find a trusted expert for you!  We’ll even remind you when Refreshers are due to make sure you don’t suffer unnecessary costly downtime due to uncompliant employees.

You can always rely on us as your first point of contact… whatever your safety management and emergency response training needs.

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NZQA Accreditation

Vertical Horizonz New Zealand is an award winning company with a number of accreditations including NZQA. See here: VHNZ accreditations