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Gateway is now well established in the New Zealand secondary school system and health and safety knowledge is an important asset for any student transitioning from school into the workforce. 

Therefore providing effective and relevant training, not just tick the box training, is vital.  FETS and PJ Safety Solutions Ltd Paula Jonker (sub-contracting to FETS), are committed to ensuring your students have the Health and Safety knowledge to stay safe in the workplace and what to do if they are faced with an unsafe situation.  This will give them confidence to speak up if they feel any situation is dangerous.

All FETS instructors have an emergency response background and have responded to very real life situations, many of which could have been avoided.  They are NOT classroom trained instructors but people with a passion for ensuring their students have every opportunity to avoid unsafe workplace situations.

All PJ Safety Solutions instructors have a solid background in teaching secondary students the Health and Safety subjects and are fully endorsed by FETS as a sub-contractor giving you the opportunity to choose the correct organisation for you to train your students.

So who better to ensure your students are well trained?

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Topics Covered:

Health and Safety 497 & 17593 - one day -$1,940* up to 20 students

Risk Assessment 30265 - one day-$1,940* up to 20 students

Hearing Conservation & Manual Handling 17594 & 17592-one day - $1,940* up to 20 students

Youth Responder 3271, 4647 & 16797- one day - $1,940* up to 16 students

Responding to Small Emergencies 16800 & 16802 - $1,940* up to 16 students

Staff Emergency Preparedness - Tailored to your procedures - POA

First Aid 6401, 6402 (and 6400 if required) - up to two days - $1,940* up to 20 students (Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti, Horowhenua only)

*all prices are excluding GST

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