Entry Criteria

All students are required to have a level of written and oral English equivalent to NCEA level 1 (year 11), or if English is their second language, a minimum of IELTS 5.

Student Support and Guidance 

Students are encouraged to approach the instructor regarding support, guidance and cultural sensitivities.

Some courses require physical fitness and wearing of PPE (personal protective equipment) which can be stressful, Please let your instructor know at the beginning of the course if you have any issues which may affect your training.

Code of Conduct

This code of conduct applies to all students

  • Students attending courses are to be respectful of others;
  • Please be punctual - if you are running late for your course, please contact us;
  • Students are required to dress appropriately for training and comply with specific PPE required by the employer e.g safety footwear, eye protection, overalls, gloves etc.
Student Disciplinary Procedures

Where a student is considered to breach the Code of Conduct, they will be spoken to by the instructor. Continued disruption will result in the student being asked to leave the course. A resolution will be sought between the participant and their immediate manager to resolve the issue. In the event that a satisfactory result cannot be achieved, the participant will not be reinstated and no refund will be given. 


Anyone who wishes to make a formal complaint is to follow the FETS complaints policy and procedure as per the below link.

Complaints policy

Refresher Certificate Conditions

 As a registered PTE, FETS cannot issue a refresher certificate to any person who does not have the unit standards on their record of learning (RoL). Prior to the course, we either require the attendees name and date of birth, their NZQA NSN number or a refresher certificate from another PTE stating which unit standards they have been refreshed to. 

If we are unable to verify that attendee holds the required unit standards or the applicable refresher certificate, the attendee can still attend the course but no certificate will be issued. If the information is provided within 2 weeks of the course completion, we will then issue the certificate. If no information is received after this period then the attendee will be marked as not achieved.

No refund will be issued for any person who attends a course and is unable to provide the required information.