Refresher training is an essential part of an organisations ability to show ongoing competency of their workforce. It is designed with a purpose to acquaint them with the new skills, methods, and processes required to improve their performance on the job. It allows them to update to current ‘Best Practice’ within their industry and a reminder of skills forgotten.

A key point for an organisation to understand is that studies show refresher training increases production and improves worker performance. Workers become more self-confident and morale is boosted.

Some essential reasons for undertaking refresher training are:

  1. Ensures ongoing competency of workers

  2. Bridges the gap between old and new skills

  3. Increases the confidence and morale of workers

  4. To get the best out of workers

  5. Increases the organisations efficiency

  6. Ensures compliance with the Health and safety at Work (General Risk and Workplace Management) Regulations 2016 that the information, training and supervision provided to workers is suitable and adequate.

Types of refresher training available:

  • First Aid
  • Emergency Warden
  • Height Safety
  • Confined Sapce
  • Chemical Handling
  • Breathing Apparatus (BA)
  • Lock out, tag out (LOTO)

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