Rural Fire

Dealing with a vegetation fire in rural areas requires a different skill set to urban firefighting. The size of the fire front, the terrain in which the fire is located, the type of vegetation involved, the availability of water all add different dimensions to fighting a rural fire.

Based on the NZQA units standards, we can complete training for rural fire teams covering personal safety through to crew leaders.

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Topics Covered:

  • Vegetation fire behaviour
  • Vegetation fire suppression strategies
  • Personal safety on the incident fireground
  • Safe practices when working at vegetation fires
  • Use of hand tools when fighting vegetation fires
  • Construction of fire-lines when fighting vegetation fires
  • Mop up and patrol following a vegetation fire
  • The types and use of waterway equipment used to combat vegetation fires
  • Use of a fire hose in a vegetation setting
  • Relocation of a hose line
  • Use of additives

Group Size: 10 - 15 people

Location: To be arranged

Duration: Dependant on the level of training required

Relevant NZQA Unit Standards Available (if required):

3285: Demonstrate knowledge of protection of personal safety at vegetation fires
3286: Control vegetation fires using dry fire fighting techniques
3287: Suppress vegetation fires with water and with water with additives

Course Provisions:

  • Venue and travel can be arranged
  • Morning tea provided on request

If training is onsite, a site examination can be carried out by FETS prior to your training course to ensure course content is tailored for your unique working environment.

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