Lockout, Tag Out - Energy Isolations

Every year workers in NZ are killed or seriously injured due to poor or non-existent lockout procedures.

Lockout, tagout (LOTO) procedures are designed to safeguard workers from the unexpected start-up or energisation of machinery, equipment, or the release of energy sources, e.g. pressurised liquids, steam during maintenance or service.

Trainees will learn how to identify and become familiar with the use of different types of lockout devices. They will understand the need for a systematic approach for the application and removal of lock out devices. They will learn how to assess the integrity of the lockout through a verification process before undertaking service or maintenance tasks.

Trainees will carry out a practical task of lockout and reinstatement of equipment according to their organisational procedures.

  • LOTO 19
  • LOTO17
  • LOTO23
  • LOTO4
  • LOTO7

Topics Covered:


  • Legislation
  • Why isolate
  • How to isolate
  • Different isolation devices
  • Lock out procedures


  • Utilising Lockout, Tag Out equipment
  • Complete an isolation
  • Complete a reinstatement

Group Size: Maximum of 12

Location: Either our training facility, your workplace or other suitable location

Duration: Four hours

Relevant NZQA Unit Standards Available (if required):

25043     Lockout and reinstate machinery in the workplace


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