First Aid

For many of us dealing with a medical emergency or injury can be quite daunting.  The feeling as we try to  remember what to do, the worry that we might do it wrong and cause more harm, all while knowing that we only have a short time to act can make the situation seem overwhelming.  In reality there is only so much that we can do as first aiders but what we can do can make all the difference to a person in distress.

Our courses are very practical and work on the basis that help may be required without a first aid kit being  immediately available.

We focus on safety, recognising the seriousness of the situation and a logical series of steps to manage the incident.

At the end of the training trainees will have the skills and the confidence to handle first aid emergencies.

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  • First Aid

Topics Covered:


  • Safety
  • Managing hazards & associated risks
  • Recognising severity of illness
  • CPR
  • Bleeding
  • Common injuries
  • Common medical emergencies
  • Managing multiple injuries/illnesses
  • Monitoring


Group Size: Maximum 15 trainees

Location: Your workplace

Duration: Full Comprehensive course = 12 hours plus breaks, refresher course = 6 hours plus breaks

Relevant NZQA Unit Standards Available (if required):

6401: Provide Basic First Aid
6402: Provide Basic Life Support
6400: Manage First Aid

Course Provisions:

  • Venue and travel can be arranged
  • Morning tea provided on request
  • To attend a refresher course, proof of attending a course within the last 2 years must be presented to the instructor before the course begins

If training is onsite, a site examination can be carried out by FETS prior to your training course to ensure course content is tailored for your unique working environment.

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