Fire and Emergency Warden

Price (per person): $170.00 + GST

Company Price: $1,375.00 + GST

NZQA Unit Standard: 18408

When an emergency strikes  in your workplace the people most likely to be relied on will be the Building and Floor Wardens.

The ability of these personnel to respond decisively and appropriately can make all the difference to how people react in an emergency.

Trainee wardens will  become aware of their responsibilities and how to safely and effectively evacuate their  designated areas.

They will learn how to address issues that may arise and how to react when circumstances change, for example fire and smoke inhalation  or  earthquake and entrapment.

We train in your workplace integrating your policies and procedures into the course content.

Click here to find out more about your organisations requirements to have trained Fire and Emergency Wardens on site.

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  • MG 2892 001

Topics Covered:


  • Evacuation procedures / schemes
  • Passive and active fire systems
  • Wardens roles / responsibilities
  • Actions on alarm activation
  • Communication systems
  • Legislation


  • Identifying workplace procedures
  • Identifying exits / assembly areas
  • Identifying alarm panels
  • Operation of evacuation board
  • Trial Evacuation (optional)


Group Size: Maximum 12 trainees

Location: Either our training facility, your workplace or other suitable location

Duration: 4 hours

Relevant NZQA Unit Standards Available (if required):

18408: Demonstrate knowledge of fire and emergency warden duties in the workplace

Course Provisions:

  • Venue and travel can be arranged
  • Morning tea provided on request

If training is onsite, a site examination can be carried out by FETS prior to your training course to ensure course content is tailored for your unique working environment.

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