CIMS - Coordinated Incident Management System

Each day, agencies from the Emergency Services respond to a wide range of incidents. Many of the responses involve only one agency using internal standarised procedures that have been developed to meet its responsibilities. Some incidents, however, require a response from one or more agencies. In the past each agency has used a different procedure and terminology. Adoption of a common management system will now facilitate their working together to manage incidents as quickly and effectively as possible.

The CIMS program has been specifically adopted for coordinating responses to emergency incidents, and provides a process for agencies to work together regardless of their different legal, geographical and functional responsibilities. The assessment section of the CIMS offers as opportunity for the trainees seeking qualification to gain recognition through assessment against the below unit standards.

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Relevant NZQA Unit Standards Available (if required):

17279: Demonstrate knowledge of the coordinated incident management system (CIMS)
22445: Describe the roles and functions of a CIMS Incident Management Team (IMT) at an incident

Course Provisions:

  • Venue and travel can be arranged
  • Morning tea provided on request

If training is onsite, a site examination can be carried out by FETS prior to your training course to ensure course content is tailored for your unique working environment.

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