Fonterra, Takaka


"phenomenal – way beyond expectations"


The client need:

Fonterra needed to get their annual training done for 42 staff – covering everything including health & safety, site induction, job skills, refresher courses, one-to-one catchup, and every compliance area. It also required multiple training organisations for these different areas.

It really was too much for the tight 2 week window available…

The FETS experience in the client’s words (Robin Mackay, Fonterra’s local Site Production Coordinator)

“Sandy responded to my huge request in a cheerful, open, and timely way. With her usual excellent service, she worked out a programme for the whole thing – fitting around individual leave, work commitments, and company events.

She managed to resolve all issues in a beneficial way for our trainees and programme, structuring course delivery times to permit cost savings that were passed directly back to Fonterra.

She also determined precise training needs for staff new to Fonterra by searching through records of prior learning.

FETS went beyond the requirements of normal course content, going out of their way to accommodate our needs. One example was incorporating a confined spaces SOP for tanker barrels that wasn’t part of the compliance schedule but was due at the same time.

They also squeezed-in some extra 2 hour courses back-to-back with 6-hour courses and didn’t charge for it. Fantastic!

What Sandy did was phenomenal… she even found out which trainers had family members they could stay with in Nelson, to maximise their availability to get everything done in the 2 week block.

Training was carried out in a very professional manner and new trainers seemed to be up to speed with the FETS way. 

Trainees really enjoyed all sessions with full participation and no ‘turn off’ – which is actually quite difficult for such an intensive 2 week ‘cram’.

The outcome:

FETS provided us with its customary high standard of service and I appreciated them following up with me to assess our level of satisfaction and sending out certificates promptly. They’ve totally taken care of our needs to the nth degree – going way beyond reasonable expectations.

I appreciate their integrity by stating straight-up what they can and can’t do and then delivering on that with no surprises or let-downs.

We couldn’t get a better company to work with for training – considering all the extra things they do for us willingly.


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