KiwiRail – ‘more value and depth at the same price’

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The client need

The InterIslander ferries require a big intake of extra Cabin Attendant staff for the busy summer season. This requires extensive induction training – including Fire Prevention & Fire fighting, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility, Personal Survival Techniques, Crowd Management, and First Aid.

Although there is generic STCW training available (Standards of Training and Certification of (Watchkeepers), KiwiRail wanted a more customised solution to give them complete confidence that new staff were totally prepared for particular ferries.

The FETS experience in the client’s words (Tim Marsden, Training and Development Manager)

“FETS were an obvious choice for the job because of the extra value and depth they’ve offered at the same sort of price as other training providers – as we’ve experienced since 1999.

They have a strong customer focus to meet needs, going out of their way to schedule things – for example we had to take an extra bunch of staff on with just three weeks notice and FETS accommodated this very well.

The complex programme of training was held at multiple locations to deliver the wide variety of courses required – Trentham Gardens and Fire Station, plus Naenae Pool (involving a scuba diver for safety).

When they began training, FETS clearly set the right expectations so everyone knew what was what, and things progressed well from there…

  • In the fire course, we were impressed that all the instructors were current or ex-firefighters with  in-depth knowledge that showed in the way they drilled people. They’re very good at what they do and ensure   competency by reiterating key things until participants have ‘got it’.
  • For Personal Survival Techniques, FETS customised training for our ships with the particular equipment and layout involved. So staff are better prepared than with generic STCW training.
  • The First Aid course was tailored for a marine environment which comprehensively prepared staff for all the issues they might face on ship.
  • The Crowd Management course was very practical with role-playing scenarios  – getting people actively involved, which is more effective for learning the required skills. This was a lot more fun for participants than just sitting in a classroom watching a PowerPoint the whole time.

FETS were good at spending extra time with individuals to give any help needed. Afterwards they provided a detailed feedback assessment for each individual for every course, even noting behaviour and attitudes which may be of concern to us on the job such poor work ethics or distracting others from the task at hand.”

The outcome

“We’ve gained a level of trust that FETS will take care of everything and we don’t have to worry about ‘micro-managing’ training. With their work done, we can be comfortable that our staff are fully prepared for the job, promoting a safe environment on-board the ferries.

FETS are a good team to deal with and we have a great relationship with them.

We get the feeling with them that it’s not all about money, but helping us and looking after our needs.”


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